Move fast, Break nothing

Hiphops is on a mission to enable the world's tech teams to deliver code faster and with more control than ever before.

We're a cloud native SaaS built by a team with extensive experience in both startups and tightly regulated industries.

Hiphops does not require access to your source code and works out of the box with just a few clicks.

Tom Manterfield

Tom has led engineering projects in some of the world's largest banks, insurers and gaming companies in addition to leading tech across a number of startups.

"Some companies are almost tech-phobic. They recognise the need to focus on tech, but seem to approach it as if riding a tiger. There's no need to make a choice between speed and control; the two enhance each other"

Yang Li

As CGO at Ziglu, the first Crypto app to hold regulatory registration in both the UK and Europe, Yang successfully helped Ziglu grow to 100,000 customers in the first year and raise £20M in funding. Yang was included as a Forbes 30 under 30 in 2021

"Large enterprises and startups alike try to automate their software development process. But fail to achieve their true potential. This is often due to overlooked bottlenecks that involve significant manual human attention or bureaucratic processes."


Michelle Arnold

I have led operations, communications and sales in start-ups, fintech and financial institutions to great success, including taking a UK regulated bank from initial fundraising to listing and through to acquisition. 

“Development teams invest valuable resources and lose precious time on the administrative burdens that surround release and change management when their efforts and expertise can have a much greater impact elsewhere. With HipHops these teams can focus their attention on what really matters without sacrificing quality or control.”

The Team

Hiphops automatically analyses pull requests, automates reviews & adds labels

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