Automatically gather auditable change evidence with Hiphops

Recording changes and their controls is a huge burden for a fast moving tech team. Providing evidence to meet regulations, compliance, SOC2 or ISO 27001 standards does NOT need to slow down your developers.

Use Hiphops and get Auditable evidence for every code release.

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Automate your release process in a few clicks
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Prove technical due diligence for every change

Keep a record of:

  • Every release
  • Links to the changes
  • Tests that were ran
  • Evidence for those tests

No more wasting time figuring out what was actually released or when.

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Hiphops automatically tracks and stores all changes to your codebase

Configure which tests and checks should be stored for future audit or review. Hiphops will automatically gather and persist them.

Generate releases with full release notes instantly. Hiphops already knows what changes they contain, even when merged and across multiple branches and environments

Skip wasteful PR reviews with Hiphops

Tailor the number of required reviews for a PR based on the size and risk of a change and automatically approve code changes so nothing slips through the cracks.

Get one more job done without going back and forth with your teammates.

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Drastically simplify your release processes & CI/CD

Release promotion, delivery pipelines, all backed by your Git repos.

Have your controls and processes in git, a place where you already do your work.

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GitOps/DevOps best practices out of the box

Best practices of GitOps are built into Hiphops whilst still giving teams the flexibility and control they need.

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