How Hiphops Works

Hiphops integrates with GitHub and analyses proposed changes, enabling full automation of your release process.


It's important to understand what Hiphops is and what it isn't, along with how it saves you time.

What it is:

  • A change analyser. Hiphops understands the risk and meaning of a change, scoring health factors such as size, author's history, ease of work, and thousands of other data points. Our ML pipelines categorise changes and flag the riskier ones.

  • A time saver. Automatic change summaries give reviewers context to guide their decisions. Pipelines can decide on the fly how many reviews a change really needs; meaning you give every change the attention it requires and no more.

  • A process automator. Hiphops pipelines can automate: gathering approvals and feedback, creating release notes and many other manual steps that get in the way of shipping code.

  • A SaaS. You don't need to host or install anything yourself.

What it isn't:

  • A CI/CD platform. Hiphops doesn't replace CI/CD pipelines, but complements and enhances them as part of a release process.

  • A replacement for testing and automated checks. Unit tests, linters, and static analysers run checks with mostly binary, pass/fail results; these are still crucial. Hiphops looks at changes holistically, improving or removing manual steps in your releases and providing nuanced insight.


By analysing changes as they are created and handling the flow of releases, Hiphops is able to save teams from repetitive admin tasks whilst improving visibility.

Change analysis

Helps inform reviews, giving reviewers instant context and speeding up the review process


Allows you to completely remove change triaging and trigger workflows based on properties of the change

Dynamic reviews

Means simple one line fixes need never again sit waiting for engineers to review, whilst ensuring the biggest changes get more eyes on them

Intelligent release note gathering

Removes developer admin tasks, allowing them to focus on delivering value. All whilst keeping stakeholders better informed with less effort

Change categorisation

Means you finally have the data to understand how much of your team's time is spent on tech debt vs shipping features

Coming Soon

In our next few releases we'll be adding support for:

  • Auto-labelling - This opens up further automation using label-triggered GitHub Actions

  • Dynamic reviews - Reduce or increase the number of required reviews/approvals before a change can be deployed

  • Automatic release note gathering - Remove developer and project manager admin by automatically collating release notes for all changes

Getting Started

After joining the beta, installing Hiphops is a matter of a few clicks on GitHub. On release day we'll send you a link to the GitHub app. Joining the beta is easy, just provide your email address below.


After you install/authorise the app via GitHub's marketplace, your incoming changes will start being analysed straight away.

Our roadmap includes support for additional git hosts including Bitbucket and GitLab. If there's a git host you'd love to see support for, please get in touch with the team via

Hiphops is currently only available to members of the beta. Join the beta to get access now.

We'll be in touch soon with next steps. See you in the beta!