Get Ship Done

Imagine this: Every time your team tries to ship a new feature, your build
and deployment process takes forever. Every time your team makes a
change, they have to wait for approval from someone in management.
And if the changes are risky, they'd have to go through an even longer
approval process. Sound familiar?

We encountered this problem throughout our careers building neo banks
and leading digital transformation at multi-billion dollar companies.
We repeatedly ran into this huge bottleneck in the software development
process and realised that our tooling was fundamentally broken.

We decided to build a release process that didn't rely on approvals,
the ultimate solution to all release management woes - Hiphops.

By automating tedious and time-consuming tasks, Hiphops allows you to
work more efficiently and effectively. It also provides valuable insights
into your project's health, so you know before things break.

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Automate your release process in a few clicks

The Hiphops Team

Tom Manterfield
CEO & Co-Founder

Initially from a background leading tech in several startups, Tom has applied the principles of speed and automation in the strictest regulatory environments, helping some of the world's largest banks and insurers deliver tech at speed, whilst meeting controls.

Lukas Oberhuber
CTO & Co-founder

Lukas has spent the last decade at Simply Business as Group CTO. He introduced Lean Startup, Agile, and CI/CD to the company and led to 100+ releases a week. He obtained a degree in Computer Science from Harvard.

Pranav Hooda
Marketing Manager
Tom Robinson
Principal Backend Engineer
Gábor Ottlik
Senior Frontend Engineer
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