Ci/CD 2.0

We’ve completely reimagined CI/CD from the ground up, allowing you to effortlessly create sophisticated, delightful-to-use flows whilst providing the controls and protection you need.

Experience a powerful, flexible, enjoyable CI/CD experience that meets your ever-changing needs.

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Current CI/CD offerings have failed to adapt to the evolving needs of developers and platform engineers.

It's time for a change.

Interactivity as standard. Create configurable UIs on the fly, providing two-way, enforceable interactions with your pipelines. All in a simple yet powerful low-code language.

Locally testable. Shorten your feedback loops. No more waiting 30 minutes to find a typo in a workflow. Spend that time working on the things that really matter.

Integrations and automations. Forget basic integrations. Hiphops allow you to seamlessly integrate and automate across your tooling, meaning you can automate your end-to-end process easily.


Hiphops runs your pipeline code as an application, reacting to events in real-time.

Triggering is ~ 10,000x faster than container driven models such as GitHub Actions

Hiphops introduces native concepts for the most common tasks.

You shouldn't have to code up 'build and push a docker container'.

Pipelines written in a low-code, locally runnable language that gives developers super-powers without extra complexity.

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