Inject AI Anywhere In Your Workflow

Create workflows where AI works alongside your team at every step of the dev process.

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Auto Review Code Changes

Automate code review processes, highlighting potential issues and improvements.

Summarise PRs

Get concise summaries of pull requests to streamline review processes.

Automated Documentation

Generate necessary documentation automatically.

Generate Release Notes

Automatically capture and document all the essential details of each release.

Debug Errors In Production

Automatically analyze errors in production and identify probable causes.

AI Driven Pre-commit Hooks

Automatically clean up and improve your code.

Refactoring Recommendations

Improve code quality with AI suggestions.
Build & Test

Accelerate your build and test cycles

Identify and resolve issues faster with AI-driven test case generation and code analysis.

Generate CI/CD Pipelines

Build/Deployment Troubleshooting

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Generate Test Cases

Code Analysis

Integrate AI in your chat platforms to manage workflows

Ask questions, or give it commands, to help manage the development, testing, and deployment process.
Execute a suite of tests or deploy a new version of an application to a specific environment, all with a simple command.
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Fix security issues faster with auto-generated code suggestions

Understand and address every security vulnerability quickly and efficiently with AI assistance.

Giving developers the autonomy they need to safeguard their work early and often.
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