The open source automation engine for tech teams.

Automate your team, tools and workflow with web-UIs, API integrations, containerised steps and AI anywhere - all configured as code.

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Configure workflows with HCL
Runs Kubernetes jobs
Github & Slack integrations out of the box
Run and develop workflows locally
Custom front-ends for your workflows
Workflows automatically triggered by events
A hub for your team’s workflows

What good is an automated workflow if only you can run it?

With Hiphops, you can create configurable UIs on the fly, allowing your whole team to easily interact with the workflows you build.

Inject AI into any flow

Because let's face it, we're just trying to hop on the AI hype train like everyone else.

• Auto Review Code Changes
• Generate Release Code
• Code Refactoring Recommendations

Hiphops automation manifesto

Oh, joy. Another manifesto. These are our principles, and if you don’t like them… well, we have others.
Helpful tools over rigid rules
Good automations create a path of least resistance, but do not replace trusted judgement.
Bionic over robotic
Automations should seamlessly interoperate with human driven processes.
Incremental over all-at-once
Incremental adoption allows you to deliver value and gather feedback sooner, whilst giving teams time to adapt.
Accessible over gated
We should create flows that empower anyone in a cross functional team. Accessibility and ease of use are priorities.
Production ready over local only
Useful automations will become critical components of your work. They should be robust, observable, testable, and a joy to create.
That is, while there are occasions where the item on the right is appropriate, we value the items on the left more.
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