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DevOps Youtube Channels

A curated list of top DevOps Youtube channels.
DevOps Pre-requisite
    Learn about DevOps with this beginner's course. The course covers the basic prerequisites knowledge needed for your journey into the Cloud and DevOps world. You will learn things like setting up a basic lab environment using VirtualBox, dealing with networking issues, using the Linux command line, switching and routing, YAML, and more.

General DevOps
  • Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps
    For the advanced students and learners, the channels have tutorials on dockers and Kubernetes to teach the proper usage of these deployment tools. The channel also contains discussions covering topics like DevOps, containers, cloud, etc. where the panelists range from developers to sysadmins.

  • Stephane Maarek
    Stephane Maarek provides tutorials that range from basics like protocol buffer courses to advanced guidance that can help others achieve the AWS certification and gain worldwide recognition.

  • Hitesh Choudhary
    The channel covers everything related to becoming a DevOps engineer. The channel founder is a programmer and loves to teach others coding and the basics of every DevOps-related topic to help learners become an expert in the field.

  • Jeff Geerling
    The channel has many free tutorials and open source projects that help learners to begin their journey into the software development and DevOps engineering world.

  • Cloud Advocate
    Krishna Gadhiraju is a DevSecOps Expert and AWS & GCP Architect by profession. The channel provides tutorials on DevOps and AWS architecture.

  • DevOps Directive
    Very educational and entertaining to keep up with the continuously evolving DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure landscape.

  • KodeKloud
    Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned specialist, their courses and hands-on labs will give you the tools and confidence to excel at your new DevOps job.

  • Sandip Das
    Creates new video tutorials every week, which mainly includes Cloud, DevOps, Programming Topics.

  • edureka!
    Complete Jenkins tutorial for beginners.

  • LambdaTest
    Learn Jenkins From Scratch In 3 Hours.

Git & GitHub
  • The Coding Train
    Creative coding video tutorials on subjects ranging from the basics of programming languages like JavaScript to algorithmic art, machine learning, simulation, generative poetry, and more.

  • Mayuko Inoue
    Former Netflix engineer  shares career advice and lifestyle video.

  • thenewboston
    This channel is the OG, the oracle from where it all started. Learning programming became popular and free on YouTube because someone decided to upload videos regularly so that people around the world could learn to code. That someone is Bucky Roberts.

Prometheus & Grafana
  • tutoriaLinux
    Linux, DevOps, Cloud, and Programming tutorial videos, ranging from basic Linux commands for beginners to practical programming and cloud infrastructure projects using modern tooling.

Shell Scripting
  • Java Brains
    Undoubtedly, one of the best channels on YouTube for Java and its frameworks. Koushik Kothagal, a Staff Engineer at LinkedIn, is the creator of the channel where he uploads videos about everything a Java Developer requires while working in the software industry.

Web Development
  • Traversy Media
    One of the best online web development and programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies from the building blocks of HTML, CSS & JavaScript to frontend frameworks like React and Vue to backend technologies like Node.js, Python and PHP.

General Tech
  • Joma Tech
    Joma is a skilled developer who is known for his entertaining yet educational videos on technology, software engineering, and data science.

  • Will Kwan
    Videos on Will's experiments using Artificial Intelligence, and digital nomads, web development courses and many more.

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