Hiphops automation manifesto

Oh, joy. Another manifesto. These are our principles, and if you don’t like them… well, we have others.
Imagine this...

You've got a brilliant idea for automating something. You think, “I can whip that up in a few hours”.

Then reality hits. Hours, maybe even days, are spent wrestling with setups, configs, and stitching together toolchains. The excitement quickly wears off, and more often than not, that brilliant idea remains just that – an idea.

Sound familiar?

We believe in the power of automation. But more importantly, we believe it should be accessible, efficient, and, dare we say, fun.

Throughout our careers, we've been let down by tools that overpromise and underdeliver. The immense potential of automation was frequently bogged down by tools that enforced rigid guidelines and often ended up being more of a barrier than an enabler.

We simply wanted to build automations that were robust, observable, and actually enjoyable to work with. However, the unique nature of our tasks meant we often had to create everything from scratch. Our philosophy has always been, "If You Repeat It, Automate It," yet the grunt work required held us back.

We envision a playground where you can craft the complex automations you've always dreamt about, without the boilerplate stuff holding you back.

Helpful tools over rigid rules
Good automations create a path of least resistance, but do not replace trusted judgement.
Bionic over robotic
Automations should seamlessly interoperate with human driven processes.
Incremental over all-at-once
Incremental adoption allows you to deliver value and gather feedback sooner, whilst giving teams time to adapt.
Accessible over gated
We should create flows that empower anyone in a cross functional team. Accessibility and ease of use are priorities.
Production ready over local only
Useful automations will become critical components of your work. They should be robust, observable, testable, and a joy to create.

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