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 Automatically categorise pull requests as fix, maintenance or enhancement

Health Score

 Score pull request's health by analysing how your team works via metadata.  

Track Releases

Track code releases, see what is released and when


Automatically enforce proper git flow & good coding practices such as small frequent changes

Release Notes

Automatically generate and gather release notes for every change


Accurately see what your team are spending their time on and spot bottlenecks early


Automatically approve or request changes to a pull request

Smart Labelling

Label your pull requests by size, category, files altered & more

In just a few clicks and without needing access to your source code.


Hiphops analyses your pull requests and provides advanced config options to allow small, safe changes to sail through code review instantly.


The Hiphops health score highlights good working practices, whilst our pipelines allow you to skip code review for pull requests that don't need it, saving you time.


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