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Protect production without slowing developers down.

Speed and control. Choose both.

Move at speed 🚀

  • Automatically analyse and categorise code changes

  • Dynamically adjust review requirements to avoid wasted effort

  • Coordinate releases in cross functional teams instantly

Maintain control ✅

  • Prove that every single release followed your process

  • Build guardrails to make best practice the path of least resistance

  • Understand who changed what, when and why. All in one place

Seamless review process. Integrated with your CI/CD.


Most dev tools see manual steps as somebody else's problem.

We don't.

Augment the steps you can't automate.

Use our change analysis and powerful rules engine to codify your full release process, not just the easy bits.

Expose change metrics

ML driven change categorisation, automatic risk analysis, rich metrics.


All available to create rules and process that lets your team ship code safely. 

Adaptive reviews

Don't hard code review requirements.

Use Hiphops to alter review and approval requirements on the fly so every change gets the attention it needs.

Track all changes

Automatically track every change and release across every repo.

See everything in one place, follow changes from creation to deploy.

No coding required

Integrate with your GitHub org in a few clicks.

Average time to up and running < 60 seconds.

Add advanced config with a few lines of YAML.

Pre-canned automations turn 100's of lines of code into one-line config.

Get Early Access. Get priority Slack support.

Priority Slack support free for 3 months. Hiphops release engineers on standby to help automate your process.

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Free 🛴

  • 20 changes or releases

  • Automatic change analysis

  • Simple automations (labelling, PR approval)

  • Community forums

*$0.15 per additional change/release

Team 🏎

  • 100 changes or releases

  • Automatic change analysis

  • Simple automations

  • Advanced automations

  • Email support

*$0.25 per additional change/release

Business 🚀

  • 300 changes or releases

  • Automatic change analysis

  • Simple automations

  • Advanced automations

  • Dynamic approvals

  • Email support

*$0.5 per additional change/release

Enterprise 🛸

Need Slack support, unlimited quotas, custom integrations or bespoke release engineering?

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Sing up now and create a slick dev process that lets you focus on what matters.

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