Free DevOps Courses

A curated list of Free DevOps Courses.
General DevOps Courses
Kubernetes & Containers
Infrastructure as Code
General Cloud
Security & Observability
  • Advanced System Security Topics
    Learn RBAC and ABAC access control to facilitate the specification and management of  access policies.
    15 hours worth of material, 4 weeks long
  • Amazon AWS Cloud IAM Hands-On
    Secure your AWS Cloud and Learn all the Needed IAM Needed Skills.
    50min of on-demand video
  • DevOps on AWS: Operate and Monitor
    Track, identify, understand key metrics and resolve application or infrastructure issues in real time.
    1hr 4min of on-demand video
  • Introduction to Cloud Identity
    This will leave you feeling confident to utilize the basic functions of the Admin Console to manage users, control access to services, configure common security settings, and much more.
    11 hours worth of material, 1 week long
  • Mitigating Security Vulnerabilities on Google Cloud
    Learn mitigations for attacks at many points in a Google Cloud-based infrastructure, including Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks, phishing attacks, and threats involving content classification and use.
    8-9 hours worth of material, 3 weeks long

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